Friday, June 10, 2011


Last week we were able to put together a good performance in vs. the New York Stallions winning 55-7. There were bright spots and some noticeable things that we have to work on, but for a first game very good start.

This Saturday we will face off vs. a long time rival as we play the Glove-Cities Colonials in Johnstown at Knox Field. Yes, each team REALLY dislikes one another, but the Colonials have yet to ever score on us in three meetings we faced (two regular season games and a scrimmage) and we have put up 185 points. They forfeited our last regular season game of 2008 the day of. They were also our first ever win as a franchise.

But I won’t let games from 2007 and 2008 fool you as plenty of things have changed since then! For starters two of our former coaches and one player are now coaches for the colonials. Twelve of our former players that played with us at one time or another are Colonial players as well. All were guys who were looking for a change, but found comfort in playing for a familiar coach.

Emotions definitely run deep though in this one. In the past feelings have been hurt, decisions that people don’t like were made, and some people are just casualties in the cross fire. This has been a game that each side has wanted for the past few years now, ever since the Colonials made a run for the NAFL right before the 2009 season. Even the trash talking has been exchanged all week and even WAY before that. So if you’re a fan of semi-pro you don’t want to miss this one.

But for us here it is a chance to put the critics to sleep and showcase what kind of TEAM we are. We attack everything in a business fashion, but this game will have some personal ties and emotion for many of us with the Irish.

Its almost game time for the hit squad!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Day of Training Camp

It’s always exciting and chaotic the first day of camp and this year was just that. With a bunch of new faces, some I have met from meetings and workouts, others who I have no clue who they are yet. But for a first day it was there! From going over the basics again for all the new guys to the hitting drills at the end the intensity was there.

For me I need to get back to the little things on footwork and getting used to throwing so many balls again. The smaller mistakes I notice on myself, but hopefully they will be fixed sooner rather then later.

It was exciting though we had six running backs there that are all great players ( Yes running back lane)! We have a few more that missed and will come tomorrow. Then we added some more talent at the WR position and a few more solid OL that will help us. The hardest part will be getting everyone involved and get some touches and let the skill guys make plays for us.

Looking over at the defense we added some more talent I think this year. Some new guys mixed with returning guys, and even a few older Irish players returning should add a nice mix and make for a great defense.

For me at one point though looking around a seeing around sixty, maybe even more, guys busting their butt to find a niche, or a starting spot, as we are all working towards a team goal is amazing. Hopefully everyone comes each day looking to get better and with the great attitudes that guys had last night. It’s tough to mesh as many new guys you get each year in semi-pro with the limited amount of time we have to work with (12 practices).

For me I think I like that target on our back this season! We have the talent now we just need to become a true team.

But I am just trying to figure out how a QB gets a four inch bruise on his forehead day one lol. Next time I should stay out of Oklahoma’s, but I do like to hit.

Day 2 here we come!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Longest week on my life

Only one week from Tuesday until we kick off our training camp on 4/26, and for me I know this will be the longest week of the year. After all the workouts and the time spent in the gym getting ready to defend this title, it will be great to get back on the field with the guys.

Yeah, I still see most of the guys during the off-season and text almost all of them on a consistent basis, but it’s just not the same. Some will come and some will go, new faces will appear. Some guys will show up and surprise you on how good they are or have become. But it’s always an exciting time to get back into it running and hitting and starting from day one again. There is just something about starting all over with the basics of footwork and technique and all the little things that come along with the game of football.

What we did last season is over and in the past. It was great and to be going into this season knowing we have to bring our A game each week is an awesome feeling. As a competitor I know I want every teams best, I want to see a team prepare for weeks just to play us. That means we are the target and we will have to work just that much harder then them.

But there is nothing in the world like getting done with work in the spring, getting to practice and for two hours twice a week to put in hard work with 60 other guys you consider family (maybe you have to be apart of it to understand). But just putting the common problems in life aside for two hours and enjoy a game that you loved growing up and still love. There is no doubt about it if you’re a member of TFI you are family.

But as a team you can ask any person in our organization the goal 2010 was to win the league. The goal for the 2011 season is to win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Want to join the Fighting Irish?

We are still looking for players, coaches, cheerleaders, and volunteers for the 2011 season. The only requirment is that you have to be at least 18 years of age. Our last informational meeting will be the following:

This meeting is for any new and returning players who are interested in playing for the Fighting Irish in 2011! All skill levels are welcomed, and encouraged. Please spread the word on the day and time to everyone who you know is interested in playing for the Fighting Irish in 2011. Any questions will be answered and important dates and information will be handed out so please everyone be there. The sign-up meeting on:

Day: 3/28/11
Time: 7:00PM
Place: Park Pub Restaurant
Frear Park Golf Course
2701 Lavin Court
Troy, NY 12180

If you have never been there before if you come up Hoosick Street in Troy, from alternate 7, take a left at the Popeye’s Chicken and follow that road to the end and it puts you in the parking lot of the bar. We ask players, new and old, to please remind friends and your teammates. If you have any problems or questions please feel free to call President Sarah Gerwin @ 518-810-7932 or Ryan Job @ 518-421-8862.

***Please direct all e-mails to***

Coaching and volunteer positions that are still available are:
Operations Staff
Assistant General Manager
Director of Volunteer Services
Uniform/Equipment Manager

Marketing/Communications Staff
Director Advertising/Marketing
Media Relations
Staff Writer
Team line play by play Internet Announcer

Game day Staff
Scoreboard Operator
Chain Gang (3)
Water Boys/Girls
Ball Boy/Girl

Coaching Staff
Defensive Line Coach
Defensive Backs Coach

Thursday, March 17, 2011

TFI Basketball Fundraiser!

Every year we have to fundraise to be able to have a season. The hard work of our players, coaches, staff, and ownership all pitch in to do that. But if you play basketball we ask you to come out and try and win some extra money! We are doing a 3-On-3, 5-On-5, and a free throw and 3-point competition. Should be a great time, but we need some support by all.

If you can put up some of our flyers and spread the word, but come out and support and enjoy a good day of basketball. I attached our flyer also. THANKS TO ALL WHO HELP!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Same league, new look

This season looks to be like its going to be a good one as far as the Northeastern Football Alliance, as the league grew from eight teams to now twelve teams for 2011.

Each year you always have a few teams coming and going trying to find the right league. I always thought staying in best competitive league and trying to improve was always the best way to go. So once again we are heading into our fifth season in the NFA, but this year we know we will have that target on our back from day one from winning the league last year.

This year is different from most though. The league as a whole has been trying to improve and grow, with reason, to make it better for all teams. So this season we have split up into an East and West divisions with six teams in each division.

In the east (where we will be playing) it will be Troy, Glove-Cities Colonials (Johnstown), New York Stallions (Oneonta), Utica Yard Dogs, Watertown Revolution, and the North Country Warriors (Potsdam). Three of the five are new to the league this year and should add some fun to the east.

In the west it will be the Buffalo Gladiators, Lyndonville Tigers, Jamestown Chiefs, Finger Lakes Impact (Waterloo), Cortland Bulldogs, and the Southern Tier Diesel (Olean).

As a competitor and player I wish we got a chance to play the Buffalo Gladiators as they were the only team to beat us all of last year! We also had a REAL good game vs. Lyndonville in the semi-finals last year that all the fans enjoyed. We still could see either in the championship game though as the winner of the east playoffs will cross over to play the winner of the west playoffs for the title.

But there will be some great games again this season with at least two showdowns with the Glove-Cities Colonials who had a good season last year in the NAFL. Also the New York Stallions and Utica Yard Dogs will be tough teams. I think Watertown will start strong as always and then fade like they have the past few years and the North Country Warriors are brand new I think they will struggle in there first year, but who knows its semi-pro that’s why its so great!

Hopefully it will be another successful year and a great time. Hope to see many of you out and catch a game at Schenectady High School this year.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bryan Sheldon signs with the Cleveland Gladiators

Troy’s Fighting Irish fullback Bryan Sheldon (#36) signed Wednesday March 2, 2011 with the Cleveland Gladiators (#58) of the Arena Football League (AFL). Bryan was signed to the thirty-six man pre-season roster as linebacker / fullback and will be playing in the Gladiators pre-season game this Friday March 4, 2011 at the Pittsburgh Power.

The Gladiators will have to reduce their roster size to just twenty-four before the regular season AFL starts so only time will tell if Bryan makes the final roster. But for now he is a professional player playing in a professional league and either way it is a tremendous accomplishment for him!

Bryan was new to the Fighting Irish this year and was a great addition to the offense at fullback. In his twelve games this season he had 63-412 yards and 9 touchdowns rushing an averaged of 6.5 a carry with one catch for a 58 yard touchdown. He is a fullback with great size at 6'3 282lbs who is a powerful runner and blocker. This past season he was named NFA and MLFN 1st-team All-star and All-American.

Bryan is the first Troy’s Fighting Irish player to ever sign a professional contract and appear in a professional game.

Everyone at the Fighting Irish wishes him the best of luck and hopefully this is the first step in a long professional career. Congrats!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fastest off-season in sports

In semi-pro the off-season always is interesting to say the least. This year for us it has been REAL short.

After winning our league (NFA) in October we took the rest of the month or so off to get healthy and then went right into practicing for the National’s in Homestead, Fl.

With a reduced roster from the normal sixty-five or so guys down to around forty guys that made the trip, because players pay there own way. In the end the practice was well worth it!

At first it was exciting just to be down there and to get out of the cold for a long weekend. Saw some of the area from Key Largo and Homestead on Thursday night (and never let anyone tell you Key Largo is 15 minutes from Homestead lol) to South Beach on Friday. Friday night some of the guys went to watch a few of the other bowl games going on.

Once Saturday hit it was like a switch was thrown and it was all football. We all started to get up get some food and trying to get things ready for the game. Then we all got together and had our walk thru in the parking lot of our hotel. Then we started to pack to go to the field to get ready for the game. Once we got over there we got to see some of the game before ours. It was a team from Miami vs. a team from Virginia (turned into a blowout at the end).

Then we hit the field and one touchdown came after another and it felt good! Our offense was putting up points that made it hard for any team to beat us. The defense was playing well and it was a game, and experience, that I know I will never forget. Oh yeah we won 71-40 and we saw what this offense led by Coach Porcelli could really do when executed to perfection.

All our running backs had great days. Andre (#22), who won league MVP, won the game MVP too (kinda lol). The announcer messed up on the vote and Bryan (#36) our FB they said should have won it LOL. But all played great and it was something that was an awesome experience, and even better to represent the City of Troy like we did!

Then to top it off we had great press and even TV coverage there once we got off the plan in Albany. I was just an awesome time!

But now that is all over, the 2010 season is gone, and we are having/had signups already (We are having another one March 28th and need players and volunteers) for the 2011 season. We have our FB Bryan Sheldon in camp with the Cleveland Gladiators of the AFL looking to make that team. He knows were all pulling for him as he deserves it. Then our DT Ken Jones just came back from a tryout in Las Vegas, hopefully he did well also.

But the 2011 season has crept up on us as other teams have already started practicing from our league, and with adding four new teams to the mix we are for sure going to be the #1 target this season.

But starting tonight voluntary workouts start for our lineman, new and old. So hello 2011 season and hopefully it’s another championship run, and another title for Troy.

Also if anyone is still interested in playing, or helping, there is still time as players and volunteers are needed! We start practicing in the last week in April and playing the first weekend in June. We also still have one more signup meeting for this season. So please visit our site for more information.

But when all said in done it was a two month off-season this year, but I wouldn’t trade any of it away because it’s all for the love of the game.