Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Day of Training Camp

It’s always exciting and chaotic the first day of camp and this year was just that. With a bunch of new faces, some I have met from meetings and workouts, others who I have no clue who they are yet. But for a first day it was there! From going over the basics again for all the new guys to the hitting drills at the end the intensity was there.

For me I need to get back to the little things on footwork and getting used to throwing so many balls again. The smaller mistakes I notice on myself, but hopefully they will be fixed sooner rather then later.

It was exciting though we had six running backs there that are all great players ( Yes running back lane)! We have a few more that missed and will come tomorrow. Then we added some more talent at the WR position and a few more solid OL that will help us. The hardest part will be getting everyone involved and get some touches and let the skill guys make plays for us.

Looking over at the defense we added some more talent I think this year. Some new guys mixed with returning guys, and even a few older Irish players returning should add a nice mix and make for a great defense.

For me at one point though looking around a seeing around sixty, maybe even more, guys busting their butt to find a niche, or a starting spot, as we are all working towards a team goal is amazing. Hopefully everyone comes each day looking to get better and with the great attitudes that guys had last night. It’s tough to mesh as many new guys you get each year in semi-pro with the limited amount of time we have to work with (12 practices).

For me I think I like that target on our back this season! We have the talent now we just need to become a true team.

But I am just trying to figure out how a QB gets a four inch bruise on his forehead day one lol. Next time I should stay out of Oklahoma’s, but I do like to hit.

Day 2 here we come!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Longest week on my life

Only one week from Tuesday until we kick off our training camp on 4/26, and for me I know this will be the longest week of the year. After all the workouts and the time spent in the gym getting ready to defend this title, it will be great to get back on the field with the guys.

Yeah, I still see most of the guys during the off-season and text almost all of them on a consistent basis, but it’s just not the same. Some will come and some will go, new faces will appear. Some guys will show up and surprise you on how good they are or have become. But it’s always an exciting time to get back into it running and hitting and starting from day one again. There is just something about starting all over with the basics of footwork and technique and all the little things that come along with the game of football.

What we did last season is over and in the past. It was great and to be going into this season knowing we have to bring our A game each week is an awesome feeling. As a competitor I know I want every teams best, I want to see a team prepare for weeks just to play us. That means we are the target and we will have to work just that much harder then them.

But there is nothing in the world like getting done with work in the spring, getting to practice and for two hours twice a week to put in hard work with 60 other guys you consider family (maybe you have to be apart of it to understand). But just putting the common problems in life aside for two hours and enjoy a game that you loved growing up and still love. There is no doubt about it if you’re a member of TFI you are family.

But as a team you can ask any person in our organization the goal 2010 was to win the league. The goal for the 2011 season is to win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!