Friday, June 10, 2011


Last week we were able to put together a good performance in vs. the New York Stallions winning 55-7. There were bright spots and some noticeable things that we have to work on, but for a first game very good start.

This Saturday we will face off vs. a long time rival as we play the Glove-Cities Colonials in Johnstown at Knox Field. Yes, each team REALLY dislikes one another, but the Colonials have yet to ever score on us in three meetings we faced (two regular season games and a scrimmage) and we have put up 185 points. They forfeited our last regular season game of 2008 the day of. They were also our first ever win as a franchise.

But I won’t let games from 2007 and 2008 fool you as plenty of things have changed since then! For starters two of our former coaches and one player are now coaches for the colonials. Twelve of our former players that played with us at one time or another are Colonial players as well. All were guys who were looking for a change, but found comfort in playing for a familiar coach.

Emotions definitely run deep though in this one. In the past feelings have been hurt, decisions that people don’t like were made, and some people are just casualties in the cross fire. This has been a game that each side has wanted for the past few years now, ever since the Colonials made a run for the NAFL right before the 2009 season. Even the trash talking has been exchanged all week and even WAY before that. So if you’re a fan of semi-pro you don’t want to miss this one.

But for us here it is a chance to put the critics to sleep and showcase what kind of TEAM we are. We attack everything in a business fashion, but this game will have some personal ties and emotion for many of us with the Irish.

Its almost game time for the hit squad!!!

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